May 13th, 2010

5 foot 8

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ground level never seemed this far away..
orange net sweater-thailand (distressed by me)
high waist skinny jeans-American Apparel
boots- Pleaser x DIY
Dear Charles Anastase,  
For months, I have been writing you, inquiring about these dungeon boots:
and I promise I would have paid good money for your awesome design,  but since I did not hear from you, I could not wait any longer….I made them myself.  I’m sorry.  I don’t usually buy knock-offs, and you can rest assured I will not profit monetarily like other companies (*ahem* JS) from your design…


Ok, folks, now that I have gotten that off my chest…I will now reveal how truly insane I am.  The process of making these were so painful….Frankly, I dont even want to talk or think about it ever again!

I started with these classy bad boys from Pleaser.  I hated the shape of the heel….how it curved in and was sort of skinny.  I also didn’t like how the platform wasn’t seamless.  So what do you use to fix a common problem like that?  Good ole BONDO.

I filled the seams with bondo and sanded it until it was smooth.  For the heel, I kept packing on the putty to get the right thickness.

The sanding part was terrible.  I wanted to cry every minute of it.
After I achieved the shape I wanted, Eric helped me spray it with black texturized rubber spray.  I then jammed on some spikes I bought from Ebay and laced them with the dirtiest sneaker laces I could find.  There you have it…my “never do it again do it yourself” project.

I’m off to work in Hong Kong, China, Tokyo for the next 3 weeks…Sadly, China does not allow me to use blogger over there so I will not be updating… be good kids and all my love ♥

128 Responses to “5 foot 8”

  1. Désordre says:

    WOW! crazy heels.
    amazing work at creating them,

  2. ANGIE says:



  3. elizabeth says:

    job well done!!
    i've definitely had my fair share of "the end product is great, but was it really worth it??"
    …and it always is..!..!…
    have fun on your trip duder!!


  4. Eric says:

    go get em.

  5. Emma says:

    OMG! they look amazing, can't believe it's a DIY!
    congratulations :D

  6. Alice says:

    AMAZING. I thought that they really were the originals but i kept reading and saw that what?! those shoes from Pleaser to the final product?! that's crazy!!!

  7. Emm says:

    holy shit, your amazing.
    I can't believe you did all this (your so clever) from my point of view it looks so worth it! one of a kind killer heels, whats better than that?

    Just amazing, such great work!

    from spindizzyfall

  8. letitia.c says:


  9. Ivy says:


  10. Gracie. says:

    this is the best shoe/fashion DIY i have EVER seen! an inspiration!!!! xx

  11. rachel says:

    Holy shit you're my hero. That is the most dedicated DIY I've ever seen. Have fun in China!

  12. leflassh. says:

    um holy crap dude!
    that is beyond amazing.

  13. Franco Fernandez says:

    CHRIST ALL FUCKING MIGHTY! these are awesome! you made them?! WHAAAAAAA?!?! brilliant. i made a pair of all over studded Louboutins and that was painful enough, this woulda killed me! just fucking immense. OH and I just bought a pair of pleaser boots too, love a bit of fetish like HA. Franco xxx

  14. Michelle says:

    those heels are fierce! amazing DIY :)

  15. Loren says:

    Damn! I can't believe you completely changed the shoe! It looks great on you. I personally would break my ankles in those, but it seems you can walk in them haha

    Btw, Are they heavy?

  16. carlyjcais says:

    Haha! You did an amazing job! I never would have thought of using Bondo to build up the heels…

    I did a DIY of those super-spiked Christian Louboutin for Rodarte strappy pumps from some Bordello platforms back in Fall…plus tute…

    check it out here if you're interested!

    I'll def. have to try Bondo on my next shoe refashioning project!

  17. SheWearSheShares says:

    DAAAYYMMM! The result looks so clean! Smarty pants you are! Have fun overseas. Btw, you look a lil different, but I can't put my finger on it…

  18. bravegrrl says:

    what an amazing diy! you reallyreally wanted those shoes…

    great job!!

  19. Tigerlily says:

    they look so cool!
    check out my blog

    i use a lot of your pictures!

  20. Karoline says:

    I am truly impressed of the work you have done with those shoes!
    I love your sweater btw.

  21. Fabi says:

    i could never do something like this, youre so talented! good job i love those shoes!

  22. s.a.i.m.e says:


  23. Studded Hearts says:

    that's absolutely amazing.
    i've posted them several times before.
    can't believe you did a diy.
    freakin awesome!

    love ur blog <3


  24. Sparkles says:

    OH. MY. GOD.

    You are a genius!

  25. be.aoi says:

    OMG!! those shoes are insaneee! and you diyed it?! are a genius!

  26. Mari-Liis says:

    I like your style. I would sometimes even say I love it.
    That said, these boots are ugly and I see no one benefiting from them. Unless they want to look like a horse.

  27. Tiffany says:

    you are fucking amazing

  28. dirtyflaws says:

    these are dead on x rad fucking work

  29. adele says:

    I just found you via tumblr. Two things: a) this look took my breath away and I love it. b) You're both insane and inspired to make the shoes yourself. Brill!

  30. DREAMY says:

    wOW that is CRAZY commitment to shoe desire!! i am superduper impressed, they look so profesional!

  31. L says:

    Fucking wow. I've been toying with the idea of buying something like the Pleaser platforms and "fix" them myself, but I might as well give up the thought, as I'll never get acheive such a brilliant end result. Great job! Are they hard to walk in?

  32. lacy says:


    um you're kinda sick dude.

  33. the style crusader says:

    you are seriously incredible. they turned out so well! xx

  34. Clara says:

    it is perfect.
    you are very skillful.
    I love the size of the platform.
    and your blog is great.
    can we exchange links?
    kisses from Brazil.

  35. Copious Couture says:

    First of all you ROCK!!!! I never would have guessed you made them!!! Awesome!!! Also I love how teeny tiny you are on top with those huge shoes… it's a great look!!!


  36. DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' says:


  37. Teresa says:

    You're crazy girl! Really a feat that is to be respected. I seriously thought those were the Anastase versions when I only saw the photographs. Amazing job and yes, I feel for you during that painful process. Unreal.


  38. i speak mojito says:

    UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE.. I just stumbled upon your blog today and girl you are truly admirable. If you don't already work in the design industry you most definately should. HATS OFF :) :):)

  39. Carmen says:

    Those shoes are truly amazing!


  40. Ashley says:

    Those shoes are crazy! Love them! What an amazing DIY job – you are so talented!


  41. LaurenSchoon says:

    You are seriously my favorite person right now

  42. photo finish with a pretty face says:

    oh god, I love you girl!!!!

  43. Marina says:

    love love love love that outfit, shoes, jumper, jeans… everything!


  44. Jasmin says:

    Totally wicked shoes!

  45. InnyVinny says:

    Ms. Stop It Right Now told me that this DIY would be some "Holy Shit."

    She was right. My god. You have my admiration and a high-five.

  46. InnyVinny says:

    Oh, and please don't hate me for reposting this. I'm sort of compelled.

  47. Anna G says:

    I saw two reposts about your shoes. This is quite amazing. I'm stunned that you can still move in those. Big props.

  48. Jessica says:

    You were only 5'8 in these heels? My god, i think i would of been 6'9 hahah. They look amazing on you. You are the queen on DIY, you know !!

  49. Chrissy says:

    Amazing. I can't believe you made them yourself. Awesome. :D

  50. Prim and Pimp says:

    WOW!!! You are my hero…I can't believe ur able to walk gracefully with those sky high heels!!!

  51. HAL says:

    I have been coveting the dungeon boots for so long … these are fucking INCREDIBLE. Following you now!

  52. Fashion Chalet says:

    UM, SICK.
    UM, YEAH! <3


  53. Neysa Bové says:

    dang girl! that's pretty impressive! I would love to see more DIY examples, if you've made other things! <3 -NB

  54. Fuji Files says:

    now THAT is a diy project. WHO does that??? Creates a freaking shoe. You win.

    xx FujiFiles

  55. Amy says:

    Fantastic. I'm sorry the process was so terrible for you.

  56. alejandra says:

    don't go awayyy you're blog updates are my favoriteee

  57. HeatherClark says:

    can i just say…you are a f ing genius!!! so ridiculously amazing

  58. laia. says:


  59. Sheray-Amy says:

    simply amazing. Great job, the effort payed off :) .
    ♥ Sheray.

  60. The Fashion Seen says:

    Sick shit gurl

  61. inkarlcerating says:

    i wanna blog about this
    i wanna cry

    i love u!
    im crying!

  62. Kookie B. says:

    damn girl! you just made me tumble over my seat with this post! every element of this outfit is badass awesome! those DIY heels are sick to the nth!!!!!!

  63. simona says:

    very high&punk heels,are fab!

  64. like a fox says:

    you are a craft cat.
    i also got a jumper very similar in indonesia.

    visit my blog to hear about my encounter with THE COBRASNAKE.

    check out aussie style blog LIKE A FOX at

  65. sweetheart says:

    These are too sick! But bluergh to sanding shit down, I hate the sound/feeling of it.

  66. Is This Real Life? says:

    wow, these are just awesome cant believe you made them yourself so cool!

  67. Henriette says:

    WOW !!
    The shoes are so cool !
    I love your style & I often read your blog !!

  68. Skinnyintern says:

    SICK! i love it.
    I dont think I would have the patience for something like this. good job.

    xoxo (follow me!) (follow me!) (follow me!)

  69. geri says:


  70. fakeperfectionn says:

    WOOOOW! Sick, sick shoes! Well done!

  71. AZEDE says:

    this is the coolest shit i've ever seem on anyones blog… well done!

  72. xo Shan says:

    IN LOVE…

    Seriously, this painstaking work is why I love fashion. You put all of the hours and tears into it and when it comes out….

    Oh it's better than a crisp new baby

    you are inspiriiiinggggggg (and can I say I'm a little intimidated :0 )

  73. Meho M says:

    OMG!! a) how the hell is this my first time on your blog?? im in love!

    b) those shoes are epic, and crazy and i cant believe you made them that is very cool!

    Meho xx

  74. Margaret says:

    girl, these are INSANE :O
    snaps to you, missy! :)

  75. Cami says:

    Chrisssssteric you are insane! I fucking LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    VERY IMPRESSED. As soon as I saw the first pic, I was like 'what the fuck those shoes are GRRReat' and then to discover you actually DIY'ed them.
    Leave your job and come work for us thanks! hahaha

  76. LoveMore says:


    are you kidding?! this is INSANE. posting you on my blog right now! haha amazing!


  77. noirohio vintage says:

    GIRL, these are craaazy!! Great thinking on shaping the heel and adding dirty laces. I'm getting some great inspiration!

  78. fashionclocked says:

    bloody hell! unbelievable… these are insane and you look awesome -completely rocking these DIY'S and still … cannot believe they are D.I.Y'S. just found you and now following.
    How tall are these by the way? ( think i'd be a giant im 5ft 10 to start!) xx
    fashion clocked
    katie.xx stop by sometime.x

  79. STREETFSN says:

    nice style !! gorgeous!

    i wanna take your fashion if we have a chance :D

    i'm a fashion photographer.
    visit my blog to see my archive.

  80. Camilla says:

    Those boots are the SHIZ.
    and Im following you.
    and yeah, I prefer your boots to charles anastase, yours will look even better once they've aged.


  81. Marlena says:

    OH ! I wanna this shoeeees ! / Great style.

  82. Dominika says:

    WOW! those shoes are so AMAZING! love, love, love them! i also love the wohle look there!

  83. Adele says:

    Loving your blog :) You look great in all your posts! Really want to get hold of one of them Holy Shit t-shirts haha! Those shoes are shockingly amazing!
    - Adele

  84. Princess Charlotte says:

    i am DEEPLY in love with your blog. you are fabulous.

  85. mimi sioux says:

    not my style shoes, but well done!

  86. stylorectic under medical treatment says:

    i love you for doing things like that.the shoe came out sickkkk.

  87. battlingthedinosaurs says:

    although the process with painful, the result was tremendously awesome!

  88. Karen says:

    holy fucking cow!!!!!!

  89. LADYPLAY says:

    spectacular! ladyplay from paris

  90. Ire A says:

    WOW you are so freaking amazing! Great work!

  91. Brooke says:

    Oh. My. Goodness! They are, most certainly, a labour of love. And you should be very proud, they're AMAZING.
    They've earned you a new regular reader. Hi!


  92. Mamie Canem says:

    I can't believe you did this yourself !
    That's incredible.

  93. apparellel says:

    you have some extraordinary patience! i purchased some demonia's in february and did a diy on them for this exact same anastase look. but fortunately for me, mine had the exact heel that was needed and i just needed to cut the boot down to get the right length. i can't believe you went to all that work on the heel. i am so impressed!! such a talent you are!


  94. jQUii_x says:


    AjAMAIS jQUii

  95. alice says:

    you're feakin amazing…;)
    i've to say i like the ones you did even more then the others!

  96. Lis-x- says:

    I can't really think of another 'wow' word, so- all of the above! Truly amazing!

    Lis xXx

    Off The Wardrobe

  97. the exhausted etiquette (kirstine) says:

    amazing! I would have never guess you made these… or at least the fashionable portion of them! seriously your hard work really paid off!!

  98. mynameiscruz says:

    you are amazing!

  99. Doll says:

    Oh my GOSH!!!!those shoes are like out of this freaking world!!OH MY GOSH!!you did that yourself?you're so crazy!so awesome!

  100. FashionsLaboratory says:

    They are so cool, potential health and safety hazzard, ha ha i kid, they rock!!

  101. Maryn says:

    Nice items, the fact that u produce yourself your accesories require an amazing inspiration! i like it! keep in touch

  102. Jessica Ly says:

    you are so effing amazing in so many ways!!

  103. Becca Jane says:

    This is amazing! They turned out insanely well considering where they started from. Job well done! looking fabulous.


    OMG, first off I'm sooooo upset that I just recently found your blog via Inny Vinny (Instant Vintage), she is so good for it!! Secondly, you rock for this "Never do it yourself again" boots, they are so insanely obnoxious and dope!! What a fantastic idea, you get 4 thumbs for this sugar plum!!

  105. ediot says:

    wow. thats a lot of work. well done darling.

    xxx ediot

  106. this free bird says:

    are you freaking kidding me??? AMAZING!!! Someone needs to hire you PRONTO

  107. Rosee says:

    These are fantastic! worth the blood, sweat and tears. If only I could walk in shoes like that..

  108. Linda says:

    Hi Pal, you are so awesome!

  109. Yuka says:

    freaking amazing!!!

  110. tobaccoandleather says:

    That is completely insane, but completely amazing


  111. Joshua says:

    That's some commitment to shoes. Love.

  112. Neo Magpie says:

    Hello love.

    I am the assistant of the wonderful team thats makes the charles anastase shoes. They are handmade in the UK. If you would still like to have some made, give me an email at and we can sort it out for you.

    Georgie x

  113. understatement says:

    I gotta ask, what brand spray paint did you use? It's so matt and pretty

  114. S says:

    Oh my god you are extremely talented.
    I am in lovee with your style so unique and tasteful. These shoes a AMAZING, it's unbelievable you recreated these, they look so great absoloutly love them, the only problem would be walking in them. Anway Love your work! x, S.

  115. biddypunk says:

    That's so bright haha! So, I hate to turn the attention away from your spectacular diy footwear, how did you distress that sweater? Tiny scissors? Enzymes? Careful application of moths? Forgive me if you see this post twice, I rly have to know haha

  116. Rachel says:

    wow this is AMAZING. i want to try that!

  117. nutria says:

    Can u walk with that shoes??? amazing. they`re absolutely fantastic! I want them.

  118. DAV!D says:

    Fantastic job darling! x

  119. vicks7 says:

    wowwww they are amazinggggggg… if i werent so lazy i would def try to make myself a pair hahaha

  120. Julie Ling says:

    oh my god! you are insane! I love them so so much! you are incredibly genius, I would have never thought to do this for a diy, you should do more projects and post them! :)

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